WASCOP at Webinar Soiling in PV and CSP

Fabian Wolfertstetter from DLR has presented WASCOP results through his speech Soiling in concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) – effects and connection to PV at the webinar Soiling in PV and CSP of the PVQAT Soiling Group. The presentation was an overview of the CSP technology, the status and history of CSP soiling research, and a link between CSP and PV soiling rates using an optical model. Webinar has been recorded and it can be downloaded for free at the pvqat website previous registration at this link: http://pvqataskforceqarating.pbworks.com/w/file/128111298/PVQAT%20TG12_%20soiling%20webinar_2018_08_14_FIELD_OBSERVATION_SOILING__CSP.mp4)