An important aspect for the consortium are training activities. The target group for the training will be especially CSP professionals and technicians. Apart from these targeted groups, a dedicated training will be prepared for owners and operators of the CSP plants at validation sites, so that they can properly and effectively use tools developed during the course of

More information on the training will be available during the second year of the project.


Tutorials will be developed to achieve specific knowledge in the area of concentrated solar power.  Based on them a dedicated workshop will be organized at one of the test sites showing the WASCOP results and progress under real conditions. The task participants will prepare tutorials content and co-design the tutorial itself using the innovative WASCOP solutions developed. Tutorials introduced in the first half of the project will be updated at the end of the project in order to include the experience of applying the developed WASCOP solutions at the test sites.


The summer school will be organized at one of the test sites in the last year of the project and its content will be based on tutorials developed during the course of the project.