WASCOP brings together leading EU and Moroccan Institutions, Universities, commercial SMEs and industry in a cooperative research project. This cooperation aims to produce, though research and development, scientific publications in scientific journals as well as presentation at conferences around the world.

Partners agree to generate peer-reviewed articles resulting from projects to an institutional or subject-based repository, and to make their best efforts to ensure open access to these articles at the latest on publication or within six months after publication.

Information on Scientific papers and conferences will be updated in this section and can be found below:

MSc Group Project 2015-2016 Thesis (Cranfield University)

Title: Analysis of a 50MWe CSP plant water consumption and an economic comparison

Authors:  Martino Balboni, Markel Garrastachu, Stefan Iordanov, Ahmad Lakkis, Josselin Pecher, Andrew Pilaczynski

Supervision: Dr Chris Sansom, Dr Kumar Patchigolla, Dr Peter Turner.

The MSc Thesis is available here.

Public Report (CIEMAT, Cranfield University, DLR)

Title: Literature revision and practical examples of dust barriers in CSP plants

Authors: Dr Chris Sansom, Dr Arantxa Fernández Garcia, Lucia Martinez-Arcos, Fabian Wolfertstetter, Florian Sutter.

The report is available here.

Public Report (CIEMAT, Cranfield University, DLR)

Title: Literature revision about water  the consumption in the cleaning activities of CSP plants.

Authors: Dr Chris Sansom, Dr Arantxa Fernández Garcia, Lucia Martinez-Arcos, Florian Sutter.

The report is available here.

Title: Solar reflector materials degradation due to the sand deposited on the back side protective paints

Authors: Dr Arantxa Fernández Garcia, Florian Sutter, Lucia Martinez-Arcos, Adel Juaidi, Francisco Rogelio Manzano-Agugliaro.

The publication is available here.