WASCOP M42 & EAB Meeting

WASCOP M42 meeting was held on 18th and 19th September  2019 at the MASEN premises of Ouarzazate in Morocco. First day it was dedicated to the review of the project status through WP presentations and the recommendations of the EAB members. Second day of the meeting was dedicated to an interesting visit of the NOOR II plants. During the second day of the meeting, it has been discussed the finalization of the testing activities, technical and economic analysis and the final conference.

Thank you to our part MASEN for hosting the meeting!

WASCOP at the sister project MinWaterCSP International Conference

WASCOP will be present with the delegates from MASEN, CRANFIELD and RIOGLASS at the MinWaterCSP International Conference taking place in Marrakech, Morocco from 24th to 25th April 2018. The topic of this event will be Reduction of water consumption in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants with a special focus on new approaches in mirror cleaning, cooling system solutions and overall plant performance simulations. The aim of the conference is to present and discuss new technological solutions to minimize water consumption in CSP plants as well as to create networking opportunities. The event is targeted at stakeholders from Power utilities, Power plant operators, Technology suppliers, Research institutes and Academia that are working in the fields of concentrated solar power. Further stakeholders for mirror cleaning, cooling processes or similar, any users of those technologies, policy makers and investors interested in the topics are will participate to the event. Places are still available. More Information and Registration Forms are available on the links below: