WASCOP Water Consumption Management in CSP Plants Workshop at SolarPACES2018

WASCOP Consortium is glad to invite you to the workshop Water Consumption Management in CSP Plant scheduled for the 3rd October 2018 as a side-event of the SolarPACES 2018 in Casablanca.

This workshop will provide the opportunity for researchers, policy makers and CSP industrial stakeholders to deepen their knowledge and be informed about the latest and future developments of the innovative solutions in the Water Consumption Management in CSP Plant. Three projects will be represented in the event: WASCOP, MinWaterCSP and SOLWATT.

Registration is available on SolarPaces2018 through the e-mail Wascop_WS_SP2018@solarpaces.org or directly in the WASCOP Website where it is available also the letter of invitation and programme of the event.

WASCOP at Solar Paces 2017

Since 1977 SolarPaces has played a formative role in CSP research to spread us the technological and research innovations and deployment them at full-scale in the industry. In this framework, three scientific publications on WASCOP results related to ultrasonic cleaning, anti-soiling coating and characterization of sands has been presented in the Solar Paces 2017 conference in Chile.