A dedicated serie called Quenching the thirst of concentrated solar power plants of the EURONEWS FUTURIS programme has been dedicated to the cooling and cleaning solutions in WASCOP. The programme has presented the dust barriers, soiling sensors, special coating mirrors, ultrasonic cleaning system, and a hybrid water cooler prototype, currently under validation in CIEMAT-PSA facilities, as well as versatile cooler and storage tank currently being tested at CEA-Cadarache. Many of these experiments will soon be tested in working power plants in Spain as part of a further European Union project SOLWATT and could be commercially available within three years. The serie is available to watch here

WASCOP Second Review Meeting and prototype demonstrations

WASCOP M36 and Second review meeting was held on 11th and 12th March 2019 at OMT premises located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (Netherlands). First day it was dedicated to the preparation to all presentations for the official Review meeting and the GA meeting. The second day was dedicated to the official Review meeting with WASCOP Project officer Sebastien Mortier where Consortium presented the status of the project and the demonstration of the low cost and soling sensors prototypes. Thank you to OMT for the excellent meeting organisation and for the preparation of this successful meeting!


The forth issue of the “H2020 Projects Bulletin on Concentrated Solar Power” newsletter has been published.

The joint Newsletter was launched in May 2017 by a joint initiative of the consortia of the EU projects CAPTure, MinWaterCSP, MOSAIC and WASCOP.  However, the clustering has included new projects and this issue included CAPTure, Hycool, INSHIP, MOSAIC, MUSTEC, Next-CSP, ORC-PLUS, POLYPHEM, SHIP2FAIR, SOCRATES, SOLPART, SOLWATT, SUN to LIQUID, WASCOP.

Enjoy reading and get the updates of the involved European projects in this clustering. Find out more about the projects, news and events here.

WASCOP M30 Meeting in Cadarache

WASCOP M30 meeting was held on 18th and 19th September at the CEA facility of the Castel of Cadarache in South France. First day it was dedicated to the review of the project status through WP presentations and in the afternoon to an interesting visit of the CEA Cadarache WASCOP testing site, where partners had the possibility to see the versatile cooler prototype in an operational environment. During the second day of the meeting, cooling and cleaning technical sessions has been appointed to plan the next technical challenges in the project. Thank you to our part CEA for hosting the meeting!

WASCOP at Webinar Soiling in PV and CSP

Fabian Wolfertstetter from DLR has presented WASCOP results through his speech Soiling in concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) – effects and connection to PV at the webinar Soiling in PV and CSP of the PVQAT Soiling Group. The presentation was an overview of the CSP technology, the status and history of CSP soiling research, and a link between CSP and PV soiling rates using an optical model. Webinar has been recorded and it can be downloaded for free at the pvqat website previous registration at this link: http://pvqataskforceqarating.pbworks.com/w/file/128111298/PVQAT%20TG12_%20soiling%20webinar_2018_08_14_FIELD_OBSERVATION_SOILING__CSP.mp4)

WASCOP at the Second H2020 Coordinators’ Workshop on CSP

On 26th June 2018, the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) hosted the second H2020 Coordinators’ Workshop on Concentrated Solar Power. The aim of the workshop is to investigate potential synergies between projects in the area of Concentrated Solar Power with ongoing RIA, IA and CSA projects. WASCOP project results and development was presented to the audience and WASCOP representatives participated in the group discussions to identify potential synergies and overlaps.

The third newsletter of the H2020 Projects on Concentrated Solar Power is online!

The third issue of the “H2020 Projects Bulletin on Concentrated Solar Power” newsletter has been published.

The joint Newsletter was launched in May 2017 by a joint initiative of the consortia of the EU projects CAPTure, MinWaterCSP, MOSAIC and WASCOP.

The issue includes updates from the involved European projects, a news about the launch of the SOLWATT project and an analysis of the CSP European environment in AMIPLEXUS.

Find out more about the projects, news and events here.

WASCOP at the sister project MinWaterCSP International Conference

WASCOP will be present with the delegates from MASEN, CRANFIELD and RIOGLASS at the MinWaterCSP International Conference taking place in Marrakech, Morocco from 24th to 25th April 2018. The topic of this event will be Reduction of water consumption in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants with a special focus on new approaches in mirror cleaning, cooling system solutions and overall plant performance simulations. The aim of the conference is to present and discuss new technological solutions to minimize water consumption in CSP plants as well as to create networking opportunities. The event is targeted at stakeholders from Power utilities, Power plant operators, Technology suppliers, Research institutes and Academia that are working in the fields of concentrated solar power. Further stakeholders for mirror cleaning, cooling processes or similar, any users of those technologies, policy makers and investors interested in the topics are will participate to the event. Places are still available. More Information and Registration Forms are available on the links below:




WASCOP M24 Meeting and Exploitaion Seminar

WASCOP M24 meeting was held on 24th and 25th January 2018 at Hamon International office in Mont-St-Guibert (Belgium). First day was dedicated to the Exploitation Service Seminar funded by the EU Commission for the project in order to the plan and deliver a high quality of the Exploitation plan for he project results. Seminar was characterised by interactive sections which allowed partners to discuss and think deeply about the commercialization and exploitation of the tangible and intangible results. During the second day, Coordinator Delphine BOURDON welcomed to the new EAB member Luis Millan Monte (TSK) and to other EAB Members Mr. Juan Ignacio Burgaleta (SENER) and Mr. Luis Crespo (ESTELA). EAB Board had the chance to been updated on the project status and outcome and they provide excellent recommendations and congratulated with the Consortium for the project achievements!

WASCOP at the STAGE- STE Project One-week Introductory Course

A dedicated participation of WASCOP project at the STAGE- STE Project One-week Introductory Course Concentrating Solar Thermal Technologies (5 days Course; 16-20 October 2017; Location: University of Seville) has been finalised with the presentations of the “Innovative Storage Concepts – Cold Thermal Energy Storage” (WP2; T2.3 in WASCOP Project) presented by CEA and the case study “Solar Thermal Power Plants- Pre-design and Site Selection: – Other Aspects of Site Selection” (WP4; T4.3 in WASCOP Project) presented by CU. These contributions have been inserted in the Public reports D6.4 Tutorials for CSP Professionals, available for consultation in the Public deliverables webpage.